Seven Spanish Angels


Just listened to the song “Seven Spanish Angels”. A song to cause you to think about life. At the age of 68, I contemplate all that is my life, all I have done and I take in all that is happening in this country now and I think about the future. Not so much my future, but the future of those close to me.

I do not like what is happening in my country. I see the possibility of the death of freedom and I cringe at what could be the future. And I don’t understand why it is happening. Not the need for change but what type of changes seem to be coming.

I see the need for change but I look at history and some types of change just do not work. Socialism, communism; neither work. They never have and because of human nature, they cannot work. Every time they are tried people die. Not in hundreds or thousands but in millions. Russia, China, Cambodia. Those are just three of the worst.

Yet despite this history what is behind the unrest in the USA. Communists and Socialists. With the same stated goals. A Paradise for the working man. Same as the Russians and Chinese revolutionaries stated their goal was. The result, if they succeed will be the same. Brutal repression and millions of “working men” dead. All for the true goal of pure ruthless power.

There is hope because this country does have many patriots who still believe in our Constitution.  I believe most of them realize there is a need to “tweek” that venerable document.

I hope enough people will realize the importance of looking at what has worked in the past and only change what needs changing. Two countries stand out in my mind. The USA (of course, I live here)   and Switzerland. They are what I consider “Free” people who recognize the need for a government of some type. History has proven their success.

The world is changing. Radical Muslims are being supported by Communist groups and Socialist groups in the Mideast. Both probably think they will have power after the dust settles.

The USA is changing. Labor Unions are being used as pawns. Get enough union people in the streets adding to all the people in all the different front groups and the Fed. Gov. will have the excuse the ones in power want. To clamp down on the truly patriotic.

The front groups I mentioned are like the one here in Pensacola, Fla. The name has “Change” in it. Seems like a political action group until you read the literature closely. Check the website and see what groups they work with and who funds them.

These groups are the cannon fodder. Bodies. Get them and the unions and the Anarchists and Communists and Socialists and they have a lot of bodies. Bodies to get in the streets and demonstrate. Then the gov will have a reason to act.

And it will all be covered by all the MSM. I can hear the anchors telling us inflated numbers with carefully selected camera shots how so many want change. With those who are in power and in government, in general, I am not hopeful for the future.

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2 Responses to Seven Spanish Angels

  1. conrad nimikos says:

    As we get more technology new ways to make a living are created. Look at Youtube. How many people are making money entertaining people? How many people are making money from Blogs?
    Any system can be corrupted including capitalism. Right now we have a crony capitalism system. Can you say with all the regulations, laws etc that our system is capitalism? It resembles capitalism. haha

  2. Andrew T. Slaton-Freeman says:

    Could we construe colonialism as primarily capitalist, minus particular incursions by the Soviets, Chinese, and Vietnamese? Capitalism has a history of foreign adventurism; we need only look at the history of western settlement in the United States to see how that can play out. What I’m getting at is that elements of hard capitalism can be just as harsh as any other economic system, if improperly governed.

    As far as socialist success is concerned, the Nordic countries are able to fund a variety of social programs via their petro-wealth. We engage in socialism in particular settings here– in particular, our agricultural system has elements of socialism. I don’t think socialist ideas are inherently bad, if implemented well and budgeted for.

    Personally, I think we’re going through another Industrial Revolution and society is still adjusting. Automation is only going to increase. Until society adjusts to the increased individual productivity/output, the need for labor is going to fall. The US is going to have to chart a course forward that both embraces automation and protects those workers who become obsolete.

    These adjustments are investments in the nation’s future. We’re going to have to collectively wrap our minds around the fact that automation has the potential to fundamentally change the way we allocate labor, then adjust to that new reality.

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